The U.K. government has begun an inquiry into so-called ‘cryptocurrencies’, that is, digital currencies and their associated distributed ledger technology. The Treasure Committee will investigate both the risks and opportunities. For more details click here.   Two ‘Right to be Forgotten’ trials have been brought before the High Court this month. NT1 v Google […]


The Article 29 Working Party has released guidelines on a number of GDPR issues: automated individual decision-making and profiling, transparency, and revised guidelines on personal data breach notification. To access the guidelines, click here. The U.K. says it will require social media firms to provide annual transparency reports in order to combat extremist and abusive […]


The High Court ruled that Morrisons was vicariously liable for a leak of its employees’ data in 2015. An employee had used his position to steal and publish confidential information about his colleagues. This is the first class action involving a personal data breach in the U.K. To access the judgment, click here. A class […]


The EU Commission published its first annual of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. To access the report, click here. Ms Justice Caroline Costello, a judge in Ireland’s High Court, has referred a challenge to Facebook brought by Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrems, to the Court of Justice of the EU. Schrems is challenging the adequacy […]


Equifax discloses that a data breach in March has compromised the personal information of 143 million consumers. For more information click here. The UK government publishes its Data Protection Bill. To read it click here. The ICO has fined a firm that made a record 146 million nuisance calls about PPI. For more information click […]


EU Considers Banning ‘Back doors’ to Encryption The European Union is considering banning ‘back-door’ access to encrypted messages. The Draft Report proposes amendments to the 2002 ePrivacy Directive to extend confidentiality to end-to-end encryption. Click here for the Draft Report.   Russian Hackers Selling Login Details of MPs, The Times reports According to the Times […]

NEWS: MAY 2017

Investigators Start Global Hunt for NHS Cyber Attackers Investigators have started a global search to find the perpetrators of this month’s massive cyber attack that shut down the UK National Health Service. Several NHS trusts were affected by a virus, which attacked the Windows platforms; the perpetrators demanded money to release data. Click here for […]