Equifax discloses that a data breach in March has compromised the personal information of 143 million consumers. For more information click here. The UK government publishes its Data Protection Bill. To read it click here. The ICO has fined a firm that made a record 146 million nuisance calls about PPI. For more information click […]


EU Considers Banning ‘Back doors’ to Encryption The European Union is considering banning ‘back-door’ access to encrypted messages. The Draft Report proposes amendments to the 2002 ePrivacy Directive to extend confidentiality to end-to-end encryption. Click here for the Draft Report.   Russian Hackers Selling Login Details of MPs, The Times reports According to the Times […]

NEWS: MAY 2017

Investigators Start Global Hunt for NHS Cyber Attackers Investigators have started a global search to find the perpetrators of this month’s massive cyber attack that shut down the UK National Health Service. Several NHS trusts were affected by a virus, which attacked the Windows platforms; the perpetrators demanded money to release data. Click here for […]


UK Supreme Court Dismisses ‘No-win, No-fee’ Appeal for Defamation Cases The Supreme Court dismissed an appeal brought by Times Newspapers Limited, Associated Newspapers Limited and MGN Limited against the no-win, no-fee system applied to defamation cases in the UK. The appeal challenged the principle that a claimant bringing a defamation claim on a CFA is […]


Mail Online Columnist Katie Hopkins to Pay £24k in Damages for ‘War Memorial’ Tweets Katie Hopkins, a columnist for the Mail Online, lost a libel case brought by blogger Jack Monroe and has been ordered to pay £24,000 in damages. In May 2015, Hopkins sent a tweet that suggested that Monroe had either vandalized, or approved of […]


Syrian Refugee Sues Facebook for False Social Media Reports A Syrian refugee is suing Facebook after a selfie he took with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel was used on social media to accuse him of involvement in terrorist attacks. Anas Modamani is accusing Facebook of failing to use pre-emptive technology to filter out fake news. Click […]


European ePrivacy Directive to Curb Message Tracking A proposed revision to the European ePrivacy Directive will directly affect messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail. The tracking of users will be prohibited unless it is critical for billing or other specific purposes, or if the user has given consent. Click here for the […]