Podcast: Bloomberg LP v ZXC [2022] UKSC 5 (the privacy rights of criminal suspects)

This podcast reviews the case Bloomberg LP v ZXC [2022] UKSC 5. The Supreme Court considered the question of whether as a general rule, a person under criminal investigation has, prior to charge, a reasonable expectation of privacy in respect of information relating to that investigation. How the quality of confidence in information affects the public interest in disclosure was also explored.

The cases mentioned in this podcast:

Murray v Express Newspapers plc [2008] EWCA Civ 446

In re Guardian News and Media Ltd [2010] UKSC 1

Khuja v Times Newspapers Ltd [2017] UKSC 49

Denisov v Ukraine (Application No 76639/11)

Pfeifer v Austria (Application No 12556/03)

Axel Springer AG v Germany (Application No 39954/08) [2012] EMLR 15