The ICO intends to fine Facebook £500,000 (the maximum possible) for the Cambridge Analytica data breaches. About 87 million Facebook users are believed to have been affected by the breaches, including about 1 million U.K. users. For more click here.

The advocacy group ‘Fair Vote’ is preparing a class action lawsuit for U.K. citizens against Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. For more information click here.

The EU parliament has passed a resolution strongly criticizing the Privacy Shield and recommending that it is suspended from September 2018. To read the resolution click here.

The U.K. government has published its white paper on its future relationship with the European Union. Click here to access the paper. Section 3.2 deals with data protection.

The U.K. government has published its response to the House of Lords Select Committee’s report on the future of artificial intelligence in the U.K. To read the response click here.

The ICO has fined the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse £200,000 for revealing the identities of possible abuse victims in a mass email. For the press release click here.