NEWS: MAY 2017

Investigators Start Global Hunt for NHS Cyber Attackers

Investigators have started a global search to find the perpetrators of this month’s massive cyber attack that shut down the UK National Health Service. Several NHS trusts were affected by a virus, which attacked the Windows platforms; the perpetrators demanded money to release data. Click here for the article.


Google’s AI beats World’s No.1 ‘Go’ Champion

Google’s ‘DeepMind AlphaGo’ artificial intelligence has defeated Ke Jie, the world’s number 1 champion ‘Go’ player. The game is more complex than chess, in which computers first were able to beat humans in the late 1980’s. DeepMind AI will be developed to provide tools for diagnosis in the National Health Service. Click here for the article.


The European Commission Fines Facebook 110 Million Euros

The European Commission has fined Facebook 110 million Euros for providing misleading information during the Commission’s investigation in 2014 of its acquisition of WhatsApp. At that time, Facebook told the Commission it could not automatically match its users with Whatsapp users, but later began such a service. Click here for the article.


ICO Will Investigate Use of Data Analytics for Political Purposes

The Information Commissioner will investigate the use of data analytics in political campaigns. Practices used during the referendum campaign on whether to stay in the EU will be looked at, as well as other campaigns. There will be an update later in the year. Click here for the ICO press release.