European ePrivacy Directive to Curb Message Tracking

A proposed revision to the European ePrivacy Directive will directly affect messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail. The tracking of users will be prohibited unless it is critical for billing or other specific purposes, or if the user has given consent. Click here for the article.

New BBC Unit to Tackle ‘Fake News’ on the Internet

The BBC is creating a team to fact check deliberately fake news stories on the Internet. The team will review false stories or facts shared on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Click here for the article.

Workers in France get ‘Right to Disconnect’ from Work at Home

 In 2017, workers in France will have the legal right to ignore emails outside of work hours. The law, introduced by the French government to preserve work-life balance, will oblige companies of more than 50 people to negotiate with their staff expectations outside of contracted work hours. Click here for the article.