News: December 2016

Bletchley Park Site to Become New Code-breaking College

Bletchley Park, where British code-breakers famously cracked Germany’s enigma code during the Second World War, will become the UK’s first College of National Security. The government’s aim is to train school children who are 16 to 19 years old in codebreaking techniques. It will open in September 2018. Click here for the article.


New World Hackers’ group are College Students

The ‘New World Hackers’ group, which claims to have been responsible for the massive DDoS attack on Dyn in October 2016, is believed to be a group of college students in the UK and US. Click here for the article.


European Commission Encourages Digital Technologies in New Cars

The European Commission has published an EU Strategy about inter-connected vehicles. It is believed that improved technologies in cars, such as autopark, could improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The Commission’s view is that other Internet-based features could also improve fuel consumption, improving air quality. Click here for the strategy.