News: November 2016

Tesco Bank faces major hack; money is taken from 20,000 customer accounts

Tesco Bank has been subject to a sophisticated security breach that has affected more than 20,000 customer accounts. Customers complained about money being withdrawn from their accounts without their permission in what may turn out to be an unprecedented breach at a U.K. bank. Click here for the article.


Facebook agrees to suspend using Whatsapp data of U.K. users

Facebook has agreed to suspend the use of data from U.K. users of the messaging service WhatsApp for advertisements. The new WhatsApp privacy policy, which was introduced after its acquisition by Facebook, has come under the scrutiny of the ICO and other national data protection agencies. Click here for the article.


European Commission concerns over reports that Yahoo scanned users’ emails

The European Commission is probing the U.S. government after Reuters reported that Yahoo had secretly scanned its users emails, on request of the U.S. intelligence services, using a specially modified software program. Click here for the article.