News: October 2016

Facebook faces legal challenge over collection of facial recognition data

Facebook is facing a legal challenge in Illinois, U.S., over its collection of data using facial recognition software without users’ permission. Facebook uses facial recognition software to link people who are tagged in photographs, to match other photos of them. Users and non-users are concerned that the data could later be passed on without their permission, or stolen. Click here for the article.


Russia’s Telecommunications Agency obtains Injunction against LinkedIn

The Russian government is threatening to shut down LinkedIn unless it stores its data locally, as is legally required by companies doing business in Russia. The Russian telecommunications agency Roskomandzor has obtained an injunction against LinkedIn; an appeal hearing will take place in November. Click here for the article.



Article 29 Working Party to release GDPR guidance by end of year

The Article 29 Working Party will release initial guidance on enforcement, privacy officer and data portability provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the end of 2016. The guidance will aim to harmonize the direction the GDPR takes once implemented in the European Union. Click here for the article.